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Power Control Centers (PCC) normally comprise of either Breaker panels only or Breaker and MCC panels coupled together (PMCCs). These conform to IS 8623 and IEC 439.
Breaker panels can be offered either in single tier or two tier configurations. Breaker panels are suitable for cable or busduct entry from top or bottom and can be coupled with either single front or double front MCC panels. Breaker panels are provided with segregated compartments for safety.

Salient Features-Switch Boards:-

  • Designed to meet the requirement of IS-8623 on Factory built assemblies.
  • Totally enclosed, compartmentalized self standing structure.
  • Flexible construction allows the positioning of the bus bars at top or bottom.
  • Bus bars and vertical risers tested for 50KA for 1 sec.
  • DMC/SMC reinforced FRP material for bus bars supports.
  • Metal treatment with seven tank process followed by electrostatic powder coating.
  • Maintenance and cable termination from front.
  • 300mm wide cable alley.

Technical Data:-

Rated Insulation : 1000 Volts, 50 Hz.
Rated Operational Voltage : Power circuit-440 Volts AC, 3Phase 4 wire or 3 wire. Control circuit-110 Volts, 220 Volts, 415 Volts AC
or 220 Volts, 110 Volts DC
Rated Current : 4000 Amps
Short Circuit Strength : 50KA rms for 1sec. and 105 KA peak fault with stand
Ambient Temperature : 40 c
Degree of protection : IP-54 as per IS 2147
Minimum bus bar clearance : Phase to Phase 25
Phase to Neutral 25mm.


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