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Motor Control Centers (MCC) are of bolted construction and designed to meet the requirements of modern Power & Steel Plants, Refineries and other Engineering & Process industries. These conform to IS 8623 and IEC 439.
MCC can be offered in fully draw out or non-draw out design, conforming upto IP 54 degree of protection. Busbars are designed upto 4000A rating and 50 kA fault level for 1 sec. Vertical busbars are designed for 4 pole plug-in system to provide draw out isolation of neutral. Frames of panel are made of formed profiles and bolted together using tool based connecting pieces, resulting in high accuracy.

Salient Features:-

  • Frames of panels are made from formed profiles and bolted together using connecting pieces of tool based design, resulting in very high accuracy.
  • Liberally sized busbars for rating upto 4000A continuous and 50 kA rms fault current for one second.
  • Non-hygroscopic fire retardant FRP barriers and moulded DMC / SMC insulators for the busbars for increased safety.
  • High contact pressure for draw out power contacts of silver-coated copper.
  • Sliding type, sturdy, silver-coated control contacts for safe operation and easy maintenance of draw out MCCs.
  • First-to-make, last-to-break scraping earth provided on each draw out tray for safety to operating personnel.
  • Spacious cable chambers (300mm) to facilitate easier cable terminations.
  • Standardized compartment and tray sizes for interchangeability.
  • Self locking of trays after insertion.
  • Outgoing power terminals mounted inside compartments to prevent accidental contact from cable chamber.


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