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PBIPL overhead busbar system provides the most efficient and optimum distribution of medium voltage power in industries where concepts of planned production and scientific history layouts are applied, ensuring complete safety

With an increasing need to alter shop layouts and changes in production patterns to meet the ever-demanding market, overhead busbars provide the necessary flexibility to make such changes quickly, with minimum power shutdown, utilizing the existing cables, conduits and fittings.

Many years of operating experience has proved that the PBIPL. overhead busbar system gives trouble free service throughout its life, with practically no maintenance

Our entire range comprises of :-

  • Non-Segregated / Segregated Phase Bus ducts upto 4000 A .

  • Rising Mains upto 1600 A.

Salient Features:-

  • Housed in the metallic/Non metallic enclosure.

  • Tested for the short time withstand of 50KA for 1 sec.

  • Degree of protection. IP 20 to 54.




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